Anyway Money – Save on Everyday Consumables

What do you mean “Anyway Money”? I hear you asking.

Well, exactly that – money that you spend everyday to maintain your household and your lifestyle. Money that you and I have to spend to live in this world. Money we spend on detergent and cleaning supplies. Personal care products like Shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste.
As the majority of the population ‘have’ to spend this money ‘anyway’, we are going to explore the idea of channeling this money back into your household.

How fantastic is that?

Once the strategies are learned and applied your household can benefit from an increased cash flow. You can even position yourself to create wealth from that spending…not only your spending but that of others too!
Everyone is spending money so this simple concept makes complete sense.

So how do we turn this household ‘anyway money’ being spent in every household into a means to create wealth?
First, we need to understand that when we shop for items at retail outlets, we are taking our own hard earned money from our household and giving it over to someone else for their household. If you grasp the concept that your household spending can be turned into a way to create wealth for yourself why would you let someone else have that benefit?

Cut out the middle man.

Essentially, I am suggesting you change the ‘way’ and ‘where” you spend your ‘anyway money’. What if there was a way to open your own shop by getting all your ‘have to buy’ items – those everyday consumable necessities – directly from the manufacturer, and in the process revenue share with everyone else who chooses to do the same? Wow!….. very powerful! What if the manufacturer, delivered directly to your doorstep, as and when you needed it? What kind of time and money savings could you benefit from?

This simple concept is so powerful because there is no additional money being spent, you are using your ‘anyway money’ and making it work for you, to generate an income.
Every single person spends money on basic necessities. Things like household cleaning products, personal care products and the like. These items are used regularly, most on a daily basis, they run out and need to be replenished. That means that this is a lifelong income generating concept.

Own your own business.

To gain the most benefit from your anyway money, you take charge of your household spending by owning your own business and redirecting that money back into your business by sharing the concept with a few other households, earning cash back through bonuses and commissions on their spending…… – also anyway money spending!
Convert your spending on everyday, ‘have to purchase’ necessities, into a way of generating lifelong, residual income. You are going to spend it anyway, so spend it to your advantage and take control of your financial situation.
If you don’t somebody else will!

Lifelong opportunity.

There is always going to be people needing these items – they are essentials to every household, so there will always be a demand. Millions of suppliers will earn quadrillions of dollars form consumers who spend their anyway money on these everyday essentials. Why not position yourself to get a slice of that income into your household?

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