Baby Boy or Baby Girl – Guess What?

With Mother’s Day just gone by I thought I’d have a little fun and ask for your comments / guesses as to what you think this Mother – Grandmother is having?

To give you some idea and insight I have shown before and after pictures. I don’t know what I’m having and seem to have “lost my touch” in correctly guessing. My track record was about 90% and I was so convinced that Renee was having a girl – but when little Michael arrived – my theory was blown!

This is my daughter Renee at about the same stage I am now – about 8 months.


And this is little Michael John 5 weeks old – the result of that bump!

This is me – Mother and Grandmother

What do you think will go here. Post your comment with date? – weight? – and boy or girl?


  1. Hi Elise,

    First, you look RADIANT!

    date? — June 9th

    weight? — 7lbs 5oz

    boy or girl? — Girl

  2. Elise, this is the most adorable blog post. First congrats on you new granson and congrats for your new baby……… girl????

    Delivery Date: July 4
    Weight: 7lbs 2ozs

    That’s my guess and I’m sticking to it!

    Hehe either way I know you will LOVE your new gift from above.


  3. Whooops, that was supposed to say June 4th!!! LOL

  4. Boy is my guess, 1 month from now, 7 lbs 6ounces

  5. Interesting puzzle … and one of the baby statistics that people have relied upon for years. But, I’ll weigh in with a vote, regardless… I’m betting that you will have (drum roll please …) A Baby!!!!


  6. Charmaine says:

    You look exactly the same shape as your daughter. I’m guessing a boy for that reason. Nothing else! My theories were all blown with mine too. The only way is a scan, I reckon!!! Good luck Elise. You are carrying beautifully xx

    • Charmaine says:

      Yay!!! I got it right!!! Congratulations to you and your family Elize. I wish all the very best in health love and happiness. Lots of love xxxxx

  7. A girl I reckon Elise, 8 lb 3oz on 22nd June. I am usually wrong though! I had to wait at least a week for most of mine, hope yours is more prompt xxooxx

  8. Please disregard the horrible green face – i’ve no idea where it came from.

  9. Boy
    7lbs 3oz
    19 June 2012

    10 . . 9 . . 8 . . 7 . .

  10. . . .6. . .
    Remember to breath . . .

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