Grandchild and Baby: Mum’s the Word in Our Family

Sometimes life deals some pretty fascinating situations. Recently we found ourselves in “the family way”. It is wonderful news but not without some unusual twists. Given that I am 45 this year and our youngest will be 11.

The very intersting and amazing thing is that Renee our eldest daughter shared her lovely news that she and her husband were going to be parents for the first time in early April. Johnny and I were over the moon at the prospects of being grandparents and all the kids instantly began saying their names with the added Uncle and Aunt at the front. Very sweet.

Imagine the surprise and shock to them when a short 2 months later we expalined that there would also be another brother or sister appearing in June. The older kids found the news a little amusing and even maybe a little ‘gross’ whilst the younger ones are thrilled to have not one but 2 babies to help care for in the near future! A child and a grand child in the same school year. Priceless!

Elise Berenger mother and grandmother

I was so looking forward to being the doting granny and did not want to ‘steal Renee’s thunder’ so to speak, but our announcement has been very well received by them and all our friends and family.

I was told I was perri menopausal and the GP had been discussing signs and symptoms of this change in life. She dismissed my query of possibly being pregnant saying it was highly unlikely and that it was quite normal to have erratic monthlies.

The good thing is that not having suffered morning sickness, I was not really suspecting pregnancy, and consequently have had a somewhat shortened pregnancy only finding out about it at the end of my first trimester.

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